Adventure Travel House was established by Lobzang Tseultim with a view to deliver professional and satisfactory services in the field of leisure and Travel. After successfully completing mountaineering courses from Indian Mountaineering Federation lead several expeditions and treks through the various terrains of mighty Himalayas. Being a Ladakh based Travel Company our main area of operation are Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti Valley and other similar ethno geographical areas in the Himalayas. We also organized Cultural, Educational, Health and Adventure tours in Gharwal in the state of Uttarakhand and far eastern state of Sikkim. Keeping in view the fragility of mountainous ecosystem and poor socio economic condition of the native populace, it is always our priority that the potential income from tourism related services should accrue to the locals. That is why at Adventure Travel house we always engaged well experienced local who could give you better insight into the socio cultural heritage of the region while respecting the social and ecological values of the local community. The company also provides free Life Insurance cover to all its employees which in it is itself explain the quality of services one can expect with us.