Wealthy in terms of culture, beautiful in terms of tradition, and inspiring when it comes to religion, Ladakh is not only a place for adventures or scenic beauty but also is a destination that teaches the lessons given by the great Lord Buddha. Once you step in Ladakh region, you can see the places adorned with the beauty of Buddhism. The rows of big prayer wheels are found at temples and monasteries. The wheel was brought by Nagarjuna, an idealized philosopher, yogi, and scholar from Indian region. These wheels are designed in different sizes and styles. Spinning the wheel is believed to be a profound and most effective religious activity.

These wheels are often found at Buddhist stupas and monasteries around the building. People spin the wheels as they go clockwise around the building along with reciting the most effective mantras. People believe that spinning this wheel brings fortune to them. It has also been said by the higher authorities (Lamas) of Buddha religion.

You can see the excess of Tibetan culture in Ladakh. Buddha sectors are crowded with monks and devotees. Despite having a large number of people, these places have an immense silence. Monks practicing meditation inspire everyone and accelerate the spiritual feeling in visitors. Particularly for religious people, Buddha sectors boast a lot to offer.

So, a trip to Ladakh is going to be adventurous, scintillating, and religious at the same time. However, it is highly recommended to search for Ladakh Buddhist tour packages and choose that best suits the requirements from comfort, convenience, and budget perspective.

Our Buddhist sector tour package is prepared keeping in mind all aspects of your convenience. Wherever you go, our representative will be available to greet you and drive you to the destinations covered in Buddhist sector itinerary. In addition, the tour will include all popular Buddhist sector destinations in Ladakh. We will take you to the stupas and monasteries. You can spend as much time as you want at these places. The representative will not disturb by asking you to finish it early.

Moreover, if at any step of your journey you need our assistance, you can get in touch with our executive, who will be available to answer your query or resolve the problem. Our Leh Ladakh Buddhist tour packages also include several scenic destinations and adventurous spots. This is how we let you enjoy different facets the incredible paradise, Ladakh, offers.

The best time to visit Buddhist sector destinations in Ladakh is July to September. During the peak season, you will find a large number of tourists who motivate you to experience the dream world of Ladakh. It is undoubtedly a never before trip that will boost your adrenaline. A great combination of fear and joy will make you feel proud to be at this amazing place, the pride of Bharat. Furthermore, summer seasons are less cold than winter. However do not ignore keeping a good amount to woollen clothes in your bag. Summer season in Ladakh is as cold as we see here in winters. If you plan Buddhist sector tour in winters, road trip is a forbidden thing. You need to catch a flight to Leh in that case. Moreover, you also need to be ready to face unbearable bitter cold.

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