Ladakh, the peak of adventures welcomes and entertains only rough and tough survivors. Life at this adventurous land is tough and demands rapid adaptation to the harsh climate. The animals and plants that are fully fit are the only survivors here, making the wildlife even more interesting. Despite tough-to-live environment and extreme weather conditions, Ladakh never lacks beauty. Or we must say that this place is blessed with natural attractions that vouch for overwhelming experiences.

You might have heard a lot about scenic destinations and fabulous trekking tours at Ladakh, let’s explore Ladakh wildlife a bit which is entirely engulfing. Ladakh wildlife tour is the best way to spot wild species that you will find roaming around and ambling along. For wildlife lovers and photography enthusiasts, this is no less than a dream come true. Imagine that your eye suddenly catches a view of snow leopard running after its meal. Yes, that is how your Leh Ladakh wildlife package is going to fulfil its promise. Moreover, there is no dearth of different breeds of animals in the region. Be it wild sheep, goats, Bharal, snow leopard, ibex, docile, marmot, brown bear, yaks, wolf, hare or Tibetan antelope, Ladakh houses animals that are rarely found. Not only animals but you will see rare birds at Ladakh including barbets, ducks, swift eagle, partridges, owls, woodpeckers, and many others. The best time to see the beauty of Ladakh is June to September.

The Ladakh wildlife tour packages offered by us are an ideal choice to experience and explore Ladakh wildlife sanctuary. We give you comfortable hours to take proper rest and relax your tired body after you reach Leh city. A hot tea or coffee welcomes you to the hotel. Following, our representative will take you to the Shanti Stupa, Hall of Fame, Leh Palace, and the fascinating fully loaded market in the town. As the day comes to the end, take a sound sleep at hotel as so many surprises are waiting for you on the next day.

No matter if it is a sunny day or a cloudy one; you will wake up to a pleasant weather and the whole day will be spent in peace. Yes, Ladakh monasteries are a tranquil place that helps you rejuvenate your soul and make you feel alive like a free spirit. The following days will cover wildlife tour that starts from a walk from Phey Bridge towards Zingchen Gorge. Lucky trekkers will find snow leopards walking around the valley. You will then arrive Rumbak valley which is a village that is set to welcome you with camps. After spending a night in camp, the next day is fully dedicated to the wildlife visit accompanied by a trained and expert guide. This is the day that allows you unveil the curtain and fall in love with the wild beauty. Also be prepared for the biting cold and keep woollen clothes accordingly. Scarf is one of the most important things in your bag as the stubborn strong chilling winds will tousle hair and there are chances that you catch cold. So, better you take precautions and enjoy your best trip ever.

Snow Leopard Spotting – Wild Life Tour Ladakh

Places Covered: Leh Shey, Thiksey, Hemis Monastery - Rumbak Duration: 9 Days /
per person