Places Covered: Delhi, LEH, Shey, Tikse, Hemis Gompas, Ladakh, Spitok Gompa, BASGO, Yangthang, Temisgang, Lamayuru,

Duration: 12 Nights 13 Days

A large valley formed by the main channels of the Indus Rivers as they flow across Ladhak, the place includes parts of Leh district, the Skardu region and the vast cold desert beyond. The Indus Valley consists of large stretches of undulating lands interspersed by high mountains across which there are many passes. The Indus Valley is the soul of Ladakh and is strategically the most important part. Its border touches those of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and India. Passing through a vast inhabited wilderness at the very heart of the Himalayas, the Indus valley region comprises of some of the least explored places of Ladakh. A motorable road along the old carvan route through the hills between Likkir and Temisgong, makes a leisurely two-day hike, which takes in three major monastries – Likkir, Rizong (also spelt as Rhidzong) and Tamisgang


1st Day: AT YOUR ARRIVAL IN DELHI. You will be received by our company officials who will then take you to the domestic airport for your flight to Leh.

2nd Day: ON YOUR ARRIVAL AT LEH. You will check into your hotel and get acclimatized to the place. After that you will proceed for a tour of Leh city, including its 17th century palace and Gompa.

3rd Day: AFTER AN OVERNIGHT stay and a healthy breakfast you will go for your tour of Shey, Tikse, and Hemis Gompas, the spiritual heart of the Indus Valley.

4th Day: THE NEXT WILL SEE YOU TOUR THE FAMOUS STOK PALACE. Home of the hereditary rulers of Ladakh, and Spitok Gompa.

5th Day: FURTHER YOU WILL GO ON A TOUR OF BASGO, ALCHI, AND LIKIR GOMPAS. The same day you will Camp at Likir.

6th Day: AFTER THE CAMPING ADVENTURE. You will then move on to trek over Pobe la (3,550 metres) to Yangthang.

7th Day: The following day you will proceed to your trek to Rizong Gompa and then return back to Yangthang.

8th Day: For more fun on trekking the next day will see you trek over Sermanchan la (3,750 metres) and Lago la (3,750 metres) to Ang.

9th day: Following this, the nest day you will trek to Temisgang, then over Bongbong la (3,630 metres) to Khaltse, then by jeep to Wanlah. The same night we will Camp at Wanlah.

10th Day: After the camp adventure, you will then move on to trek from Wanlah over Prinkiti la (3,725 metres) to Lamayuru. The same night you Camp at the Lamayuru.

11th Day: After the long tiring but full of adventure trekking trip you will return by jeep to Leh.

12th Day: Having spent the night at Leh you will then be taken to the airport for your morning flight to Delhi. On your arrival our company officials who will take you to your hotel and check you in for an overnight stay will receive you.

13th Day: Leave Delhi with unforgettable memories of your Indus Valley Trek with Leh Ladakh India and get transfers to airport for catching a flight to your onward journey.

Indus Valley Trek
Indus Valley Trek
Indus Valley Trek

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